[Classweb-users] changes to ClassWeb "Outline"?

Richard A Murray r.murray at duke.edu
Mon May 22 10:10:27 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Today we've noticed that the Outline in ClassWeb seems to be behaving
differently than it did last week, and wanted to check with the list
members to see if others are experiencing this, and with LC to see if it's
something that they changed intentionally at their end.

Many of us like choosing "Outline" off the purple main menu screen so we
can see a broad outline of the schedule, and also drill down through the
schedules to get to the number we want.  For example, if we wanted to get
to Portuguese Literature, we could click on P--Language and Literature from
the Outline.  That would then open up an outline list like this:
P1-1091     Philology. Linguistics
PA1-199     Classical philology
PA201-899   Greek philology and language
PA1000-1179 Medieval and modern Greek

You could go down about a screen and a half and get to PQ9000-9999
Portuguese literature.

Today, however, something different is happening.  When you choose Outline
off the main menu, then choose P--Language and Literature, it immediately
opens up the hierarchy fully in microscopic detail:
P1-1091     Philology. Linguistics
P1-9        Periodicals. Serials
P1.A1             International. Polyglot
P1.A3-Z                 American and English
P2                French

etc.  Because it's opened the schedule up completely, it would take about
18 years to scroll down to PQ9000 for Portuguese literature.  However, we
accidentally discovered that if you click on P1-1091 at this screen, it
THEN takes you to the Outline screen we were hoping to see (P, PA, PB,
etc), which seems bizarre (why would you click on P1-1091 to see PQ9000?),
but at least you can get where you want to go, even if it takes an extra
click or two.

There are a number of us who really like using the Outline in schedules
like the Ds so we could drill down to particular countries, or particular
religious denominations in the Bs, etc.

Could we have inadvertently changed a setting at our end that's causing the
Outline to behave differently?  Or did something change at LC's end, or the
server's end, and if so, was that intentional or accidental?


Rich Murray
Catalog Librarian for Spanish & Portuguese Languages
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina
r.murray at duke.edu

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