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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Nov 16 14:49:46 EST 2006

This is a type of shelflisting subarrangement that is commonly used in the LC Classification.  It means that each individual who is classed in the number is assigned two consecutive Cutter numbers.  For example, James Jones might be assigned the Cutters .J5 and .J6; John Smith might be assigned .S6 and .S62.  Periodicals or serials about James Jones would be classed in CS499.J5 and General works about him in CS499.J6.  Periodicals or serials about John Smith would be classed in CS499.S6 and General works about him in CS499.S62.  The choice of specifc Cutters for each individual is dependent entirely on the individual library's shelflist.

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>>> Lawrence Busenbark <busenbar at bc.edu> 11/16/06 1:26 PM >>>
CS499 "Genealogy--By region or country--Europe--Ireland--Family 
history--Individual, A-Z" contains the instruction:

Under each, assign 2 successive Cutter numbers as follows:
(1) 	Periodicals. Serials
(2)   	General works. By date

The numerals in parentheses don't follow ClassWeb conventions, and there 
is no actual sub-arrangement information.  Can you please clarify?


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