[Classweb-users] suggestion for future upgrades to ClassWeb

Alison Hitchens ahitchen at library.uwaterloo.ca
Mon Oct 2 13:20:51 EDT 2006



When using ClassWeb for subject headings, it would be nice if there were a
hyperlink within the scope notes to any valid subject headings that are


For example:

Cognitive psychology

            Here are entered works on the general approach to psychology
that emphasizes the role of internal, mental processes in behaviour. Works
on mental processes in general are entered under Cognition.


In the sentence "Works on mental processes in general are entered under
Cognition", it would be useful if the word "Cognition" was hyperlinked
instead of the cataloguer re-doing the search.





Alison Hitchens

Librarian, Cataloguing

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON Canada

ahitchen at library.uwaterloo.ca


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