[Classweb-users] HX914 - HX917 and 917.2 correct expansions?

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Fri Oct 27 12:08:08 EDT 2006

Individual biography no longer classes with the Soviet Union since it no longer exists as a country.  Individual biography classes with the specific current country with which the biographee is associated, such as Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, etc.

Click on the caption "Biography" at HX917.2.Z65-.Z67 to break it down further:

HX917.2.Z65		Collective
HX917.2.Z67A-.Z67Z	Individual, A-Z

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> Robert C Eberwein <rce1 at nyu.edu> 10/26/06 4:25 PM >>>
I've noticed a glitch at the expansions of:

 HX914-917 Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet republics
   HX914	History. General works
   HX914.5	Biography (Collective)

 HX917.2	Russia (Federation)
   HX917.2.A-.Z6	History. General works
   HX917.2.Z65-.Z67	Biography
   HX917.2.Z7A-.Z7Z	Local, A-Z

"Collective biography" but not "Individual biography" in the former
	It seems that, until at least 2004, items were catalogued at HX914.7
A-Z (see: LCCN 2003022555)

And Indiv Bio are now to be put at HX917.2.Z67A-.Z67Z *without* author
cutters? (by date??)

LC has just classed a bio of Bakunin by Mark Leier apparently using this
  HX917.2.Z67 B34 2006 (!)

This author has many older bios at HX915 and more recently (1980's -
2004) at HX914.7

In addition to the actual number problem...
  Whenever I expand the range(s) and then browse forward/back through
them the specific range HX314-317 collapses again.


BTW, I will wait for a response before sending a separate error report
form report regarding the specific title at issue.

Robert Eberwein
Bobst Library NYU / TSD
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