[Classweb-users] SACO Classification Proposals administrative password

Steven Arakawa steven.arakawa at yale.edu
Tue Apr 17 15:16:29 EDT 2007

SACO classification proposals are initiated via


To initiate a proposal, my understanding is that the administrative 
password is required. Our library has a large number of staff who 
could initiate proposals, but currently the number of staff who have 
access to the administrative password is very small, for security 
reasons. Is it possible to get a separate password for classification 
proposals? If not, how are other libraries handling the security 
issue? Is the password distributed to all staff who are familiar 
enough with LCC to enter proposals, or are the proposals funneled to 
a small subset of the staff who have access to the password?

thanks in advance,
Steven Arakawa

Steven Arakawa
Catalog Librarian for Training & Documentation
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