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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
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Here's the explanation, as it appears in the prefaces of recent printed
editions of the classification schedules (also available in Cataloger's

"Classification numbers or spans of numbers that appear in parentheses
are formerly valid numbers that are now obsolete. Numbers or spans that
appear in angle brackets are optional numbers that have never been used
at the Library of Congress but are provided for other libraries that
wish to use them. In most cases, a parenthesized or angle-bracketed
number is accompanied by a "see" reference directing the user to the
actual number that the Library of Congress currently uses, or a note
explaining Library of Congress practice."

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
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>>> "Nathalie Ebacher" <nathalie.ebacher at usherbrooke.ca> 08/27/07 10:40
AM >>>
Good morning,


I would like to know the meaning of a class number appearing with < >

>From what I*ve seen, it looks like we either can use the class
number or we
can*t (see examples below).  Can you explain to me the exact meaning?


Examples :



Legislative documents

Including pre-Confederation publications

see J100, (Lower Canada); J107 (Quebec)



Legislative Council Table KE13 





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