[Classweb-users] problem with geographic cutters in search

Cynthia Lange cgl2 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 19 12:53:28 EST 2007

Is Classweb having problems with the geographic and topical cutters in the 
Hierarchy Classification Browser? When I search for a class number 
involving a specific geographic cutter, the result now takes me to the 
general classification, A-Z.

For example, when I try searching with G1403 D25  (Atlases. By region ... 
Indiana. Counties, A-Z. De Kalb), the browser takes me to Indiana. 
Counties, A-Z, rather than to the specific county (De Kalb).

Even more puzzling and frustrating have been the problems with topical 
cutter searches. One of my colleagues encountered several examples today 
while using the K and N schedules. She searched under KPV78 B, expecting 
the search to result in KPV78 B87 (Asia (South Asia. Southeast Asia. East 
Asia): Vietnam--Manuals and other works for particular groups of users. By 
user, A-Z. Businesspeople). Instead it pulled up KPV0-4999 (Asia (South 
Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia): Vietnam--General.

Many thanks.

Cynthia Lange

Library Technical Services
Olin Library
Cornell University Library
Ithaca, NY 

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