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The range of numbers from HA1161-2275 was cancelled several decades ago at a time when it was not our standard practice to parenthesize numbers and retain them in the schedule as see references.  The "new" range of numbers for Asia is HA4551-4668 (the numbers for India are HA4581-4588) and the "new" range for Africa is HA4671-4737.  We'll add references to these new ranges from the old numbers.  The references will appear in Class Web with tomorrow's update.

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>>> "Sevim McCutcheon" <lmccutch at kent.edu> 01/18/07 1:41 PM >>>
We have in our collections several volumes of the census of India.  Those that are classified have the call number HA1728. It's not possible to look this up in Classification Web, because the HA schedule jumps from HA1641-1648 (Romania) to HA2280 (Azores)

We thought at first that using HA1700s might have been a local practice, but other library's bibs in OCLC WorldCat have call numbers in the HA1711-HA1728 range as well.

So were these call numbers once valid, but are no longer?
I understand that parentheses are used in Classification Web to indicate that a call numbers is no longer assigned.  Is there a particular reason why this range would be omitted rather than included within parentheses?

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