[Classweb-users] Breakdown for author Kate Chopin

Judith M. Shelton LIBJMS at langate.gsu.edu
Wed Jan 24 09:43:00 EST 2007

I'm a little confused and hope someone can help.

The number for Kate Chopin is PS1294.C63 and the schedule says to apply
Table P-PZ38.  According to the enhanced browser and the table itself,
separate works should go by title between PS1294.C63A61 and
PS1294.C63A78.  But LC has assigned the Cutter B39 to the title Bayou
folk. (see lccn 2002067964)

Does the schedule have the wrong table listed?


Judith M. Shelton, Asst. Head, Catalog Dept.
University Library, Georgia State University

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