[Classweb-users] error message at DS795

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Tue Jul 10 11:27:23 EDT 2007

This error message occurs because DS795 by itself is not a valid number.  Class Web cannot calculate and display a class number that does not exist in its own right and cannot be built from a table.  DS795.A2, DS795.A3, DS795.A4, DS795.A5-Z, DS795.1, DS795.13, etc., are the valid numbers calculated from Table DS-DS3.  If you enter DS795.A2, or any of the other valid numbers, as your initial search, Class Web will not return an error message.  Alternatively, when you receive this error message, you can add a hyphen to the number that you used as your initial search number, i.e. DS795-, and Class Web will display the valid span, allowing you to click on the link in order to see the breakdown.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> "Koontz, Sylvia" <koontzs at ncarts.edu> 07/10/07 10:07 AM >>>

When I enter DS795 in the search box, I get the message "Cannot
deconstruct ds795 using parent record DS795-DS795.95 and rule 3." I
eventually got where I needed to be by roundabout means, but I'm not
sure what the problem may be with the initial search.


Sylvia Koontz
Special Collections Cataloguer
Semans Library
North Carolina School of the Arts

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