[Classweb-users] smartporting bib level i records

John Hamilton jxh13 at psulias.psu.edu
Wed Jul 11 14:13:02 EDT 2007

John Attig & Sylvia agree that the problems encountered when 
importing bib_lvl i items at Dickinson ought to be reported to Sirsi. 
John said level i was only validated at OCLC in the past yeasr or so, 
and Sirsi may simply not have implemented this as a format yet.

Integrating resources is not listed with our other policies, so it 
clearly isn't available here yet. The next step seems to be finding 
out what Sirsi knows about Bib_Lvl i. It may be something we can 
activate locally, but more likely Sirsi will have to set up the policy for us.


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