[Classweb-users] question re: sub-arrangement at HV1475

Alison Hitchens ahitchen at library.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Jun 20 12:13:04 EDT 2007

Hi ,


For the following call number: HV1475


Social pathology. Social and public welfare. Criminology--Protection,
assistance and relief--Special classes--Older people--By region or
country--Other regions or countries--Canada

HV1475.A1-.A3 General works 

HV1475.A4-Z By province, A-Z


How do we sub-arrange the general works .A1-.A3? Is there supposed to be a
table reference here? Colleagues have suggested:

A1  Periodicals, societies, serials
.A2  General works. History
.A3 Other      


based on other things, but we can't see a clear indication here that this is
what we should do.


Thanks for your help,



Alison Hitchens

Librarian, Cataloguing

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON Canada

ahitchen at library.uwaterloo.ca



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