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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Mar 8 12:38:52 EST 2007

I'm not able to duplicate this problem.  If I enter _Solid waste management_ in either the Structured subject heading or Unstructured subject heading field and click on the corresponding Browse button, I'm taken to a display that shows all three headings.

Paul Weiss
Cataloging Policy and Support Office
Library of Congress

>>> "Alison Hitchens" <ahitchen at library.uwaterloo.ca> 03/08/07 12:10 PM >>>


The term Solid waste management is a see reference to

Salvage (Waste, etc.)

Refuse and waste disposal

Factory and trade waste


If I do a subject search on solid waste management in Class Web I get to all
three headings. If I use browse instead of search then it just shows me
Solid waste management USE Factory and trade waste


Is there something wrong with the browse index? Should it not show me all





Alison Hitchens

Librarian, Cataloguing

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, ON Canada

ahitchen at library.uwaterloo.ca 



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