[Classweb-users] Table N6 is no longer linked

Kay Teel kteel at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 12 17:15:08 EST 2007

I am using the Hierarchy Classification Browser and building numbers 
for individual artists using the various "Special regions and 
countries" ranges, e.g., NB201-1114, ND201-1114, etc.

When I click through to the country and get the number for special 
artists for that country, I am getting the note:
Subarrange individual artists by Table NB200 (or ND200, etc.)

Clicking on the hotlink "NB200" just takes me back to that 
classification number, not to Table N6, which is the table artists 
are supposed to be subarranged by (I knew this from before -- nowhere 
in the N schedule does this information currently appear). The only 
way I can get to Table N6 is to go to the tables area and search for N6.

Can Table N6 be linked to the N classification schedule again, so 
that it is easier to find the subarrangement for individual artists? 
If it can't be linked again, can the confusing links to non-existent 
"NB200 (ND200, etc.)" tables please be removed?

Kay Teel
Serials Catalog Librarian and Cataloger for the Arts
Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources
Phone: (650) 724-7346
kteel at stanford.edu 

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