[Classweb-users] Table N6 is no longer linked

Steven Arakawa steven.arakawa at yale.edu
Tue Nov 13 09:36:39 EST 2007

I had a similar question about the Local number under country numbers 
in Spanish literature in Latin American countries, e.g. PQ8177.A-Z 
(Local Colombia) which was pointing to PQ8160 (Colombia) yesterday. 
Today the link is to table P-PZ26, which makes a lot more sense. I'm 
glad the problem has been identified and resolved.

--Steven Arakawa

At 08:38 AM 11/13/2007, Paul G Weiss wrote:
>This problem was an unintended consequence of some software changes 
>that were installed last Friday in order to address a different 
>issue.  The software has now been restored to its previous state and 
>is working properly again.
>Paul Weiss
>Cataloging Policy and Support Office
>Library of Congress
> >>> Kay Teel <kteel at stanford.edu> 11/12/07 5:15 PM >>>
>I am using the Hierarchy Classification Browser and building numbers
>for individual artists using the various "Special regions and
>countries" ranges, e.g., NB201-1114, ND201-1114, etc.
>When I click through to the country and get the number for special
>artists for that country, I am getting the note:
>Subarrange individual artists by Table NB200 (or ND200, etc.)
>Clicking on the hotlink "NB200" just takes me back to that
>classification number, not to Table N6, which is the table artists
>are supposed to be subarranged by (I knew this from before -- nowhere
>in the N schedule does this information currently appear). The only
>way I can get to Table N6 is to go to the tables area and search for N6.
>Can Table N6 be linked to the N classification schedule again, so
>that it is easier to find the subarrangement for individual artists?
>If it can't be linked again, can the confusing links to non-existent
>"NB200 (ND200, etc.)" tables please be removed?
>Kay Teel
>Serials Catalog Librarian and Cataloger for the Arts
>Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources
>Phone: (650) 724-7346
>kteel at stanford.edu
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