[Classweb-users] Problems with RB155.5-RB155.8 in Hierarchy Browser

Mary Kay Pietris mpie at loc.gov
Thu Nov 15 15:24:56 EST 2007

Two of us here cannot reproduce your problem. I tried switching from Enhanced to Hierarchy browser, but when I clicked on the number link in the subject heading, an Enhanced window opened, and all numbers were revealed.

Perhaps it was a temporary glitch.  Let us know if it is still a problem and we'll have to investigate further and get back to you.

Mary K. D. Pietris, Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist, CPSO, LC

>>> "George Talbot" <talbot at cc.umanitoba.ca> 11/15/07 2:40 PM >>>
When I click on the call number link for RB155-155.8 in LC Subject search under Medical genetics, I am linked to RB155, but RB155.5-RB155.8 do not appear.  When I then click on the RB155 entry Heredity. Medical genetics   [H R B L D S]  only RB155.5 appears.  

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