[Classweb-users] Error message in hierarchy classification browser

Cheryl Boettcher Tarsala madcatter at linkline.com
Wed Apr 30 22:30:07 EDT 2008

Troubleshooting outcome:

   Our tech support people discovered that ClassWeb buttons do not 
respond when it is opened as a frame within our courseware window. 
Probably not a problem working catalogers will ever encounter, but 
worth remembering if you're linking to it from within another web 

>A student of mine, who successfully used ClassWeb for LCSH a few
>weeks ago, is having no success in accessing the hierarchy
>classification browser.
>When she logs on and attempts to search, she gets an error message
>"no application name specified in request."
>She has updated to the latest version of firefox, which is the
>browser it recommends.  She has tried three different computers and
>internet explorer as well and received the same message. She has
>emptied caches and attempted access for several days, and the problem
>I would have to conclude that she's doing something unexpected to get
>this error across different computers at home and work, but I have no
>idea what that might be, or how to troubleshoot it.   Has anyone ever
>encountered this problem before or have a suggestion about what to do?
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