[Classweb-users] Missing entry for classification number at TR705

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Tue Dec 2 12:34:08 EST 2008

TR705 is an obsolete number that last appeared in the 1948 edition of
Class T, with the caption "Scientific applications."  That area of TR
was revised and expanded for the 1971 edition.  The equivalent number in
that and subsequent editions is TR692.  Since the Library of Congress
does not reclassify individual works that had been classed in numbers
that are now obsolete, the number TR705 still appears in older
bibliographic records and therefore shows up in subject
heading/classification correlation searches in Class Web.  (Correlations
are based on class numbers that appear in actual bibliographic records
in the LC catalog).

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
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>>> "Milberg,Denise [Ontario]" <Denise.Milberg at ec.gc.ca> 12/2/2008
12:09 PM >>>
	When one searches in Classweb subject search for Meteorological
photography; the heading is retrieved with no accompanying
classification number.  When one clicks on the 'S' icon it leads to the
number TR705 (which is the number used by DLC for a monograph,
catalogued by the agency).  However, when one searches the
classification schedule directly for TR705 the number isn't present. 
Can it be added, or is it not a legitimate classification number?


Denise Milberg

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