[Classweb-users] Missing entry for classification number at TR705

john g marr jmarr at unm.edu
Tue Dec 2 19:24:18 EST 2008

On Tue, 2 Dec 2008, Paul G Weiss wrote:

> TR705 is an obsolete number that last appeared in the 1948 edition of 
> Class T ... Since the Library of Congress does not reclassify individual 
> works that had been classed in numbers that are now obsolete, the number 
> TR705 still appears in older bibliographic records ...

Hi Paul:

   The record in question is a "newer" record: LCCN 2007701576, 
Photographing weather / $c Storm Dunlop, call number TR705 $b .D865 2007.


J. Marr

>>> On 12.2.2008 Denise Milberg wrote:

>>	When one searches in Classweb subject search for Meteorological
>> photography; the heading is retrieved with no accompanying 
>> classification number.  When one clicks on the 'S' icon it leads to the 
>> number TR705 (which is the number used by DLC for a monograph, 
>> catalogued by the agency).  However, when one searches the 
>> classification schedule directly for TR705 the number isn't present. 
>> Can it be added, or is it not a legitimate classification number?

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