[Classweb-users] LCC # Range KNX123.8-128

Hideyuki Morimoto hm2106 at columbia.edu
Wed Dec 10 16:17:38 EST 2008

It is wondered how LCC # range KNX123.8-128 may be applied to resources on 
Japanese legal history of Heian period.  The range carries:

    Asia (South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia): Japan
          History of law
             By period
                Ancient to Kamakura shogunate 1184
KNX123.8-128      From Taika reform to Kamakura shogunate
                         Including Nara (710-794 A.D.) and
                         Heian (794-1185 A.D.) periods
KNX124-128           Sources
KNX130-298     Medieval and early modern (to second half
                of 19th century)

It is wondered whether there is/are (a) specific number(s) between 
KNX123.8 and KNX124.  If so, it is then wondered what it is/they are and 
how one may display the number(s) using Classification Web.  If not, it is 
then wondered under which LCC number resources on (and *not* sources of) 
Japanese legal history of Heian period may be classified.

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