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Brayman, Susan Sue.Brayman at unh.edu
Fri Feb 15 14:47:34 EST 2008

   I just tried this in all three browsers. Both the Hierarchy and
Enhanced versions have the loop. The Standard browser has the following:


   Transportation and communications--Postal service--By region or
country--Other regions or countries

followed by a modification of Table H10, Add the country number to
HE6500, with the usual sort of break down depending on how many numbers
each country has.

   It does not show HE6939 A-Z. I'm not sure how much this is the
difference in the three versions of the browser (I only use the
Hierarchy browser) and how much is because of whatever is causing the

   Sue Brayman, LSS, Monograph Cataloging
   The University of New Hampshire Library
   18 Library Way
   Durham, NH  03824-3592
   Sue.Brayman at unh.edu

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In the Class Web hierarchy browse, if I enter HE6939, I get the correct

	Transportation and communications--Postal service--By region or
country--Other regions or countries--Europe--Great
special topics, A-Z

but I am directed:

	For list of Cutter numbers and topics, see HE6939.A-Z

This endless circle does never allows me to view the Cutter numbers and

Clint Wrede
Catalog Librarian and Bibliographer
Rod Library
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa
clint.wrede at uni.edu

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