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Milicent K Wewerka mwew at loc.gov
Thu Mar 20 15:53:58 EDT 2008

The correct practice at this location is to use double Cutter numbers--the first Cutter number for the topic and the second Cutter number for the main entry.

Unfortunately the practice changed at some point in the past.  The 5th edition of the T schedule (1971) did not specify the first Cutter number for the topic.  The double-Cutter practice appears in the 1995 edition.  So LC's shelflist (and probably also other institutions) displays a mixed practice.

Milicent Wewerka, Cataloging Policy and Support Office, LC

>>> "Mavis Gray" <Mavis_Gray at umanitoba.ca> 3/20/2008 3:01 PM >>>
The cuttering instructions under TT840 seem to call for double cuttering by type of craft, then by author, interspersed with single cuttering directly under the name of the author.  A mixture of single cutters and double cutters is not usually correct -- which should it be?

Mavis Gray
University of Manitoba Libraries
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