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Cutters should be based on the current name of a city, so only St. Petersburg should be used for Cuttering.  The first Cutter may be expanded to create an alphabetical arrangement of the individual schools within a city.  The second Cutter is not expanded.  As indicated in Table U5, subarrangement is by date.

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>>> Kirill Tolpygo <ktolpygo at email.unc.edu> 11/6/2008 1:13:11 PM >>>
Good afternoon,

Would someone from LC be able to explain how items are to be arranged in 

The category is Military science (General)--Military education and 
training--By region or country--Europe--Soviet Union--Schools. By place, 

The key here is "By place, A-Z". This is fine for cities that are not 
homes to many military schools, but things seem to get a bit hairy where 
bigger cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are concerned.

For one thing, there are two cutters for the latter city: one for 
Leningrad (L3....) and one for St. Petersburg (S2...), and unfortunately 
it seems that both have been used indiscriminately for pre-revolutionary 
and Soviet military schools in the LC shelflist. Is there a current 
practice, e.g. only to use the St. Petersburg cutter from now on, or 
only to use the Leningrad cutter for Soviet schools?

Secondly, when arranging within the city, it seems that the cutter for 
the city is expanded for different schools within the same city (I am 
assuming alphabetically by the name of the school, but please correct me 
if I am wrong), and the cutter from Table U5 is to be expanded for 
different works about the same military school.

Here is an example of this practice: two different works about the 
history of Vtoroi kadetskii koprus:

U604.L48 L2
U604.L48 L22

But then there are examples that don't seem to follow that principle, 
and expand the cutter for the city. Here we have two different works 
about the history of Voennaia akademiia General'nogo shtaba 
Vooruzhennykh Sil SSSR im. K.E. Voroshilova:

U604.M64 L1 1987
U604.M644 L1 1982

And there are also some bizarre cases where both cutters are expanded 
that I can't seem to make sense of (historical remnants of past practices?):

U604.K45 L1 1978
U604.K46 L54

Any guidance on how this was intended to work, as well as current 
practices would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance,


Kirill Tolpygo

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