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	When ML3792 was first added, some time between the 1978 and the 1998 editions of class M, the caption was simply Sound recording companies.  Not until later (before late November of 2000), was the caption changed to what you see now.  Consequently, the class contains two different things, all kinds of books about sound recording companies according to the original caption, and only books about individual recording companies, A-Z according to the revised caption.
	Materials cataloged after the new caption appeared can be presumed to follow it, and therefore to have double cuttering.  But since LC doesn't generally reclassify materials when new, and even quite different, captions that overlay previous ones are introduced, there will continue to be a mixture of single and double cuttering on LC's shelves in ML3792.
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>>> Roman Frackowski <rfrackow at rci.rutgers.edu> 11/6/2008 1:05 PM >>>
By using single cutter LC got it wrong in most instances 
in their catalog . It should be a double cutter,
Roman Frackowski
Rutgers University Libraries

On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Judith M. Shelton wrote:

> ML3792.A-Z  Literature on music--Music trade--Individual record companies and labels, A-Z
> I would expect titles classified here to have two Cutters, the first one for the label or record company and the second for the main entry.  In our catalog I find nine titles cataloged by LC for which we have accepted the 050.  Two of the titles have a double Cutter.  The rest have a single Cutter based on the main entry.  One of the latter covers multiple record companies and I don't understand why it isn't classified in ML3790  Literature on music--Music trade--General works.
> Can anyone clarify how ML3792.A-Z is intended to be used?
> Here are the 010, 050, 1XX, and 245s:
>   2001016985  ML3792.W37 C67 2002  Cornyn, Stan.  Exploding :  the highs, hits, hype, heroes, and hustlers of the Warner Music Group
>   2002155714  ML3792.F65 O65 2003  Olmsted, Anthony.  Folkways records :  Moses Asch and his encyclopedia of sound
>   93073571 /MN  ML3792 .B54 1993  (title m.e.) Bill Russell's American music (A history and discography of the American Music label.)
>   97019812 /MN  ML3792 .B69 1997  Bowman, Robert M. J. (Robert Maxwell James).  Soulsville, U.S.A. : the story of Stax Records
>   92234644   ML3792 .G74 1992  Grein, Paul.  Capitol Records fiftieth anniversary, 1942-1992
>   2005024081  ML3792 .H63 2006  Hollis, Tim.  Mouse tracks : the story of Walt Disney Records
>   2005037218  ML3792 .K34 2006  Kahn, Ashley.  The house that Trane built : the story of Impulse Records
>   93023970 /MN  ML3792 .K45 1994  Kennedy, Rick, 1956-  Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy : Gennett Studios and the birth of recorded jazz
>   2003020498 ML3792 .R9 2004  Ryan, Marc, 1945-  Trumpet Records : diamonds on Farish Street
>    99034399  ML3792 .S65 1999  Smith, Suzanne E., 1964-  Dancing in the street : Motown and the cultural politics of Detroit
>   98049455  ML3792 .K46 1999  Kennedy, Rick, 1956-  Little labels--big sound : small record companies and the rise of American music  [From the subject headings this one does not appear to be about the American Music label but about small record companies in general]
> Thanks for any insights,
> Judith Shelton
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