[Classweb-users] differing information from P-PZ table 40 on Classweb

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Oct 16 12:13:56 EDT 2008

It appears that you are using an old, outdated version of the printed P-PZ tables.  The current edition, which was published in 2006, matches what is displayed in Class Web.  Table P-PZ40 was revised in 2005.

Paul Weiss
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From: Matthews, Priscilla J 
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Subject: differing information from P-PZ table 40 on Classweb


I have been training a new copy cataloger in literature and we noticed
several different elements of information between the P-PZ40 table on
ClassWeb vs. the printed P-PZ language and literature tables (p. 138
from the 2004 ed.)


>From class web:

P-PZ40 .xZ46 Autobiography, journals, memoirs. By date   [H R] 

P-PZ40 .xZ48 Letters (Collections). By date   [H R]

Including collections of letters to and from particular individuals 


>From the published schedule:

.xZ46-.xZ479 Autobiography, journals, memoirs.  By title

.xZ48            Letters (Collections). By date

.xZ481-.xZ499   Letters to and from particular individuals. By
correspondent (alphabetically)


Items highlighted in yellow are different in the published version vs.
Classweb.  Although the classification records related to .xZ46 and
.xZ48 have 2005 modification dates, there is no obvious indication in
the web version that there are significant changes from the published
version.  In particular, the presumably obsolete line .xZ481-.xZ499 is
not enclosed in parenthesis as are obsolete listings in the schedules.


Could you please clarify which version is correct and show the obsolete
practices in the tables as well as the schedules by enclosing them in


Thanks in advance for the clarification.


Priscilla Matthews



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