[Classweb-users] Table P-PZ40

Hideyuki Morimoto hm2106 at columbia.edu
Mon Apr 13 18:40:45 EDT 2009

Table P-PZ40 now starts with:

    P-PZ40 PG3337.N3 Narezhny., Vasili. Trofimovich, 1780-1825.
                     ....... .......... ........ 762   [H R]

which is placed immediately above:

    P-PZ40 .x date-.xZ999  Table for authors (1 Cutter no.)   [H R]

As a consequence, through both the Hierarchy Classification Browser and 
Enhanced Classification Browser, when a hyperlinked LCC number to Table 
P-PZ40 is clicked, one is led to LCC # PG3337.N3, followed by the 
particular number expanded through familiar 2nd Cutter numbers.  For 
instance, clicking:

    PL792.S4  Seami, 1363-1443 Table P-PZ40   [H R B L D S]

in the Hierarchy Classification Browser displays:

    PG3337.N3                 Narezhny., Vasili. Trofimovich,
                              1780-1825. ....... ..........
                              ........ 762   [H R B L D S]
    PL792.S4 date-.S4A13   Collected works   [H R B L D S]
                              Including collected works in specific

LCCN CF 96380124 for "Narezhnyi, Vasilii Trofimovich, 1780-1825" indicates 
that it was modified on Apr. 10, 2009 and that:

    $j ... 762 $z P-PZ40

was appended at the end of field 153, rather than in separate field 762.

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