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Clint Wrede clint.wrede at uni.edu
Tue Dec 1 13:53:56 EST 2009

Sorry--my message was sent just before I saw the message from Bruce Johnson
noting that a general problem with extended roman characters was already
being addressed. I'm assuming that will cover the issue I noticed, so please


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In Class Web's LCSH, the character ø ("slashed o" or "o with stroke," used
in Scandinavian languages) alphabetizes separately from a standard o and
after z. For example, do a subject heading browse for the word "sozusa," and
note the headings that come immediately after that one. In the printed
volumes of LCSH, headings beginning with "so" and "sø" are intermixed.

Thanks for your attention,

Clint Wrede
Catalog Librarian and Bibliographer
Rod Library
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa

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