[Classweb-users] Cuttering for separate works by Tertullian (BR65.T335-.T68)

Lammert, Richard A. richard.lammert at ctsfw.edu
Thu Dec 3 10:00:52 EST 2009

In BR65.A-Z, used for individual Fathers of the Church, there are four
methods of handling separate works. 

For most authors, separate works have a second cutter for the title.
Augustine uses tables BR3 and BR4 for separate works.
Origen has separately defined cutters for text in original, text in
other languages, and criticism.
Tertullian has separate cutters listed for individual works

In the latter case (for Tertullian), it is not immediately clear how to
apply the cutters--nor does LC's shelf list provide definitive help. For
translation of works, sometimes the cutter is expanded (see LCCN
2003469389, where the cutter is expanded by -16 for an Italian
translation) and sometimes it isn't (see LCCN 2008901213, where .T336 is
used for an English translation of Adversus Judaeos, using the cutter
from the table without expansion). For criticism of works, sometimes the
cutter is expanded with -3 plus a second cutter for the author (see LCCN
95171017, 2007047672, and 87144428); sometimes the second cutter is
simply added to the base cutter for the title (see LCCN 79347007, using
a number not specifically listed in the table; LCCN 84249625 and

Is it possible to add to ClassWeb some specific direction for applying
the cutters for separate works by Tertullian?


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