[Classweb-users] Cuters in ClassWeb and LC sl. conflict

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
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The two records that are in the LC shelflist are old records that were shelflisted prior to the time that Table P-PZ31 was used with Byron.  The Cutters that appear in Class Web are the correct current Cutters and would be used for classifying any new material.

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>>> john g marr <jmarr at unm.edu> 2/2/2009 3:45:37 PM >>>

  Some subject cutters presented in ClassificationWeb under PR4392 [English 
literature--19th century, 1770/1800-1890/1900--Individual authors--Byron, 
George Gordon--Criticism and interpretation--Treatment and knowledge of 
special subjects, A-Z--] conflict with LCs shelflist and I am wondering 
which are correct. Examples:

CW-- PR4392.L48 = Liberty 
SL-- PR4392.L5  = title "Byron and liberty"

CW-- PR4392.L5  = Literature
SL-- PR4392.L56 = title "German literary influence on Byron"

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