[Classweb-users] Spain and Andorra overlap in Table H10?

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Tue Feb 17 09:16:39 EST 2009

Yes, the number for Andorra is supposed to be 620.3.  It will be corrected with tomorrow's update to Class Web.  Thanks for catching and reporting this error.

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate
Policy and Standards Division

>>> Ken Robinson <kjr106 at psulias.psu.edu> 2/17/2009 8:18 AM >>>
Table H10 has the following listed:
H10 611-620 Spain
H10 620 Andorra
H10 620.5 Gibraltar

Shouldn't Andorra be assigned a number between 620 and 620.5? Perhaps 
620.3? It's also listed as 620 in the printed H schedule.

Thanks for your time.

Ken Robinson
Cataloging Specialist
University Libraries, Cataloging and Metadata Services
The Pennsylvania State University
126 Paterno Library, University Park, PA 16802

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