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This is caused by an extraneous blank space in the 050 field of a Library of Congress bibliographic record.  The bibliographic record has been corrected.  However, it will take at least a week for the correction to be reflected in the display in Class Web.

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>>> "Laura Gricius-West" <LaWest at anselm.edu> 1/26/2009 9:36 AM >>>
I found that BR115.P7 sits before BR115.A35.

Am I missing something?

BR115  [B L D C]
      Christian sociology. (2)  [L D S]
      Communism and Christianity--Periodicals. (2)  [L D S]
      Christian art and symbolism--Congresses. (1)  [L D S]
      Christianity and culture. (1)  [L D S]
      Christianity and international affairs--Periodicals. (1)  [L D S]
      Christianity and politics--Periodicals. (1)  [L D S]
      Christianity and politics. (1)  [L D S]
      Christianity--Developing countries--Periodicals. (1)  [L D S]
      Imagination--Religious aspects--Christianity. (1)  [L D S]
      Voluntarism--Religious aspects--Christianity. (1)  [L D S]

BR115 .P7  [B L D C]
      Christianity and politics--History--20th century. (1)  [L D S]

BR115.A35  [B L D C]
      Agriculture--Religious aspects--Christianity. (3)  [L D S]

BR115.A57  [B L D C]


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