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Ah, that makes sense. It was the number being under the George W. Bush administration that had us turned around. We were thinking topically and not chronologically. Sorry for the confusion.


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> On Monday, July 20, 2009 8:04 AM, Tessa L H Minchew wrote:
> >We're all a little confused here about the ClassWeb display for E906 and
> hoping for some confirmation.
> >It is "Presidential campaign of 2008" yet it appears under "George W.
> Bush's administrations, 2001-2009". The class seems to be in use correctly
> in LC's shelf list (for items about the Obama/McCain campaigns). So, we're
> guessing that it's just in been inserted into the wrong hierarchy in
> ClassWeb?
> Where else would an such an event taking place in 2008 be placed if not in
> the 2001-2009 range?
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