[Classweb-users] Collective biography in DC

Casey A Mullin cmullin at stanford.edu
Wed Nov 18 12:24:37 EST 2009

Dear CW,

I have a collective biography of women in the French Riviera. That 
section of the DC schedule does not have a designated "Biography 
(collective)" number. However, in the spirit of F275, sec. 2 ("it is 
customary to establish biography numbers under specific subtopics the 
first time they are required"), I am strongly considering proposing such 
a number. Based on the pattern in that area of DC (including the various 
regions, departments in DC611), the "Biography (collective)" number 
should sit directly before the General works number. In my case, that 
number would be DC608.2. According to the Hierarchical view, the range 
DC608.1-.9 is reserved for Riviera, so this number fits that rubric.

On the other hand, a work of this type could fit in a history number or 
in the "Special topics (not A-Z)" number already established. My 
question to the gallery: how have you handled situations like this in 
the past? I am more than happy to make the proposal for the greater 
good, absent a compelling argument not to.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Casey A. Mullin
Discovery Metadata Librarian
Metadata Development Unit
Stanford University Libraries
cmullin at stanford.edu


"Those who need structured and granular data and the precise retrieval that results from it to carry out research and scholarship may constitute an elite minority rather than most of the people of the world (sadly), but that talented and intelligent minority is an important one for the cultural and technological advancement of humanity. It is even possible that if we did a better job of providing access to such data, we might enable the enlargement of that minority."
-Martha Yee

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