[Classweb-users] Subsidiary tables

Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Wed Nov 18 14:51:08 EST 2009

The secondary tables are already hotlinked via the individual captions in Table H5.  

If you use the Enhanced or Standard browser, when you clikck on the "By region or country" caption at HV4501-4630.9, Class Web generates the list of numbers and captions for individual countries.  When you click on any of those countries, Class Web automatically selects the appropriate secondary table and displays the breakdown for you.  The user does not need to choose the appropriate secondary table.  Class Web does it for you.

If you use the Standard browser, when you click on the Table H5 link at HV4501-4630.9, Class Web displays that table.  Beside the caption for each country is a series of alphabetical links.  If you click on the "T" link, Class Web selects and displays the appropriate secondary table.  Once again, the user does not have to make the choice.  Class Web does it for you.

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate
Policy and Standards Division

>>> Gene Fieg <gfieg at cst.edu> 11/18/2009 1:39 PM >>>
Just a suggestion.  Take a look at HV4500.  It says use table H5 and then
use the one of the four tables below depending if it had one one number or
4.  In the future could those subsidiary tables be hot-linked just like
table H5 is?

Gene Fieg
Cataloger/Serials Librarian
Claremont School of Theology
gfieg at cst.edu 
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