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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Oct 1 14:39:28 EDT 2009

We'll revise the wording for the topical subdivision authority record to more clearly distinguish it from the form subdivisioin.  Thanks for calling this to our attention.

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate
Policy and Standards Division

>>> "CSS" <css at ouls.ox.ac.uk> 10/1/2009 12:27 PM >>>
A colleague was puzzled to notice that identical information is given
for both the form and the topical uses of the subdivision  --Abstracts:
'...for works that list...'.  
We would have expected the topical use to be '...for works about works
that list...', or similar.
Many thanks,
Bernadette O'Reilly
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01865 2-77134

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