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Paul G Weiss pwei at loc.gov
Thu Oct 1 14:45:50 EDT 2009

Gilgamesh is the pattern for all epics that are classed in PJ3771.  Notice the presence of "e.g." under the caption "Particular works, A-Z."  Enuma elish follows the same subarrangement, using the the Cutters .E5 and .E6.

Paul Weiss
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>>> Gene Fieg <gfieg at cst.edu> 10/1/2009 2:14 PM >>>
There is a specific pattern for Gilgamesh.  Why not either set up a
separate pattern for Enuma elish, or set up a pattern for epics in

Book in hand: The Babylonian epic of creation restored .... /
transcription, translation and commentary by S. Langdon. 1923

Would be nice to have a pattern.

Gene Fieg
Cataloger/Serials Librarian
Claremont School of Theology
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