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This certainly is an extremely unclear and confusing breakdown.  We are going to attempt to analyze how these numbers have been used, with the intention of revising the captions to make them clearer, and if necessary, adding some explanatory notes.

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
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Dear collective wisdom,

The range LB2375-LB2378 is very confusing.  Works on foreign study in, for example, China have been classed at LB2376.6.C6 and LB2378.C6.
Works on foreign students in Australia have been classed at LB2378.A8 while works on foreign students in Denmark have been classed at LB2376.6.D4.

I *think* that LB2376.6 is meant to be used for works on students from one country studying in more than one country, i.e. Foreign countries and LB2378 is meant to be used for foreign students studying in one country.  For example, Chinese students in Foreign countries would class at LB2376.6.C6 and Chinese students in Canada would class at LB2378.C2 (along with all other foreign students in Canada).
But what then is the difference between the General numbers LB2375 and LB2377?  Perhaps LB2377 should be canceled.

I have a work on African college students in Switzerland.  I think
LB2378.S9 would be correct.

Much obliged,
Margaret W. Hughes
margaret.hughes at stanford.edu

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