[Classweb-users] Change in Classification number QC981.8.C5

john g marr jmarr at unm.edu
Fri Jan 15 17:08:36 EST 2010

On Fri, 15 Jan 2010, Stanley Elswick wrote:

> I agree that "Climatic changes" should not have moved to 
> QC902.8-QC903.4.  "Climatic changes" encompasses much more than just 
> temperature changes, so it should not be assigned to that more narrow 
> location.  I think LC made an error here and should correct it.

Hi Stanley:

  Planning to drop a suggestion ("from the horse's mouth", obviously) on LC 
(I hope)?  I agree (I think, but that would mean that I could no longer 
conscientously worship LC).

  Perhaps LC did not consider "Climatic changes" to be appropiately placed 
under "composite generalization of weather [!] conditions of specific 
geographic areas during a specific period of time with reference to 
average conditions and their variability."

  It is helpful to have a specific set of numbers for "local" under 
QC903.2, however.

  Then what about "Global warming"?  That too could be considered a 
temperature issue, perhaps as a separate subset under "Atmospheric 
temperature", or relatively synonymous with "greenhouse effect" (presently 
at QC912.3).  Speak, Oh NOAA, for thou art the presumed expert on such 
matters (for those that presume such things ...)!

Love that semantics, especially when such terms as these have changing 
definitions over time and do not seem to be subject to universal agreement 
and/or application.



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