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Eva Radding Eva_Radding at facing.org
Mon Jul 19 11:54:07 EDT 2010

Teen Voices from the Holy Land: Who am I to You?, by Mahmoud Watad and 
Leonard Grub contains first-person stories of Israeli and Palestinian 
teenagers. Most live in Israel, and a few live in the West Bank. 

The book is classified as CT1919 .P343. Classification Web shows the 
hierarchy for this class as follows:
Biography--National biography--By region or country--Asia--Southwest Asia. 
Near East. Arab countries (Collectively)--Other, A-Z--Palestine. Israel 

There is no provision for national biography of Israelis outside of the 
geographic area "Southwest Asia.Near East. Arab countries (Collectively)." 
This book does not belong under Arab countries, since it is clearly about 
Israel. The problem is with the labeling of the hierarchy; national 
biography for Israel could fit in as CT1919.I if it did not have the label 
"Arab Countries."

Is there no other option for this book and for other collective biography 
of Israelis?

Thank you,

Eva Radding
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