[Classweb-users] PR5108.A5-Z vs. PR5109

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PR5109 should be used for criticism.  We will make adjustments to the captions to make this clear.

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There appears to be an ambiguous overlap between these two numbers. 
Compare the captions:

PR5108.A5-Z   English literature--19th century, 
1770/1800-1890/1900--Individual authors--Newman, John Henry, Cardinal--Biography, criticism, etc.--General works
PR5109            English literature--19th century, 
1770/1800-1890/1900--Individual authors--Newman, John Henry, Cardinal--Criticism

I have a work of pure criticism, and I'm having a hard time seeing the difference between these numbers. To complicate matters, Newman is also established as a printed cutter under BX4705.N5. It seems that biographies are being classed there. PR5108.A5-Z has not been used by LC for a critical work, whereas PR5109 has, so I'm opting for the latter. 
But should this ambiguity be corrected in the schedule?


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