[Classweb-users] Question concerning classification of a serial title change

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This is entirely a matter of judgment.  At the Library of Congress, we consider it important to keep the entire run of a serial together, whenever that is possible.  We also try to avoid, whenever possible, the expense of reclassifying and relabeling a previously cataloged serial title.  So as a result we are generally very conservative about choosing a new classification number for the continuation of a previously classified serial.  In this case, we would most likely regard NC998.6.G7 as an "acceptable" number even though the focus of the serial is now broader than just Great Britain.

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Since I rarely handle serials, I would like a confirmation on my understanding of the provisions of CSM.

I have on my desk D&AD.  Previous title, D&AD annual, which LC classes at
NC998.6.G7 D47.  This classification is for British commercial art. 
However, D&AD has the subtitle "The best advertising and design in the world," and the contents show that this title no longer covers only Britain.

CSM says "If the serial is linked to a previously cataloged serial and the numbering continues, assign the same call number that was assigned to the previously cataloged serial provided that the class number is acceptable." 
 Am I correct in thinking that in this case the class number would no longer be considered acceptable, since the scope had changed? 

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