[Classweb-users] Proposal for new LC classification number

Milberg,Denise [Ontario] Denise.Milberg at ec.gc.ca
Mon Oct 4 12:10:51 EDT 2010

	I would like to propose an addition to LC classification no. QC866.5 to incorporate the topic "Data assimilation" which appears frequently in the literature.  There is no suitable place within the hierarchy for Meteorology/Climatology (Atmospheric physics) that one can incorporate this subject directly other than the numbers for "General works" or within the other subject areas like numerical weather forecasting (QC994...), which aren't always appropriate.  "Data assimilation" is not synonymous with "Data processing" and shouldn't be treated as such.  When preliminary LC record (2010925150), Data assimilation : making sense of observations, c2010 is completed, the classifier will have problems assigning a number, as I have experienced.   Below is the definition from the online AMS Glossary of meteorology; there are other definitions which can be retrieved from Google which are also useful.: data assimilation-The combining of diverse data, possibly sampled at different times and intervals and different locations, into a unified and consistent description of a physical system, such as the state of the atmosphere </glossary/search?id=atmosphere1> . (American Meteorological Society. Glossary of meteorology, 2nd ed.) http://amsglossary.allenpress.com/glossary/browse?s=d&p=4
I looked at the LC Web site last week & it seemed to me that only changes/additions recommended by SACO are acceptable.  How would I go about putting forward this proposal?

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