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	Musical works in LCC, with the exception of certain manuscripts, are classified in subclass M.  So notated music and, if you classify sound recordings, etc., performances of operas belong there as well.  The span M1805.3-M1805.4 is for Chinese operas. Literature about music belongs in subclass ML, and history and criticism of Chinese operas can be found in ML1751.C5-C59. Other types of literature about Chinese operas is found elsewhere in ML.
	Materials that include discussion of Chinese operas in the context of, or along with, discussion of other dramatic forms where opera isn't the predominant focus of the resource, is found in PN.
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My colleagues and I have been wondering which LC classs would be most appropriate for Chinese operas in DVDs. There seem to be a choice between the following:
PN2876.A-Z Drama by cities in China
For this class, we are concerned modern types of drama will be mixed together with the traditional stuff such as Beijing operas.
M1805.3 - Chinese operas
We are wondering if this class is restricted to audio music only and not for videorecordings.
Could someone please clarify the difference between the two classes?
Sin Yee Tang
Cataloguing Librarian
Lingnan University
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong 

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