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Geoff Mottram gmottram at minaretsoftware.com
Mon Apr 4 23:18:45 EDT 2011

I'm assuming you are using the Enhanced or Hierarchy Classification Browsers 
which automatically apply tables as you navigate through the classification 

I cannot duplicate this problem in either Firefox 3.6 or MSIE 8. It sounds 
like a web browser issue as the error message you received isn't one of ours.

We used to have problems with MSIE in certain areas of classification. This 
is because ClassWeb creates some very long URLs when you delve deeply into 
complicated areas of classification. HD4001-4420.7 includes the application 
of secondary tables (i.e. "Apply Table HD4001/1 for 10 number countries", 
etc.) and these tend to create very long URLs once you apply Table H9.

In the past, users were advised to use Firefox to avoid the MSIE problem. It 
appears that MSIE 8 may have overcome this limitation. My advice would be to 
try Firefox or upgrade to MSIE version 8.


Geoff Mottram
ClassWeb Developer

On 4/4/2011 1:03 PM, Doucet,Joanne wrote:
> Hi everyone - I'm having problems with navigating through some of the tables, as are my students. For example, with the Regions or countries table at HD 4001 - 4420.7 - after clicking on this link, we are not able to move beyond the first screen. Once we click on the arrow to go to the next screen we receive the following message, "webpage cannot be displayed". Does anyone know why this occurs?
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