[Classweb-users] ClassWeb Upgrade Notes

Geoff Mottram gmottram at minaretsoftware.com
Sun Feb 20 12:15:01 EST 2011

Dear ClassWeb Users,

With the completion of the Classification Web upgraded this weekend, there 
are a few items you should know about to help make this transition as 
seamless as possible:

1) Exit all copies of any web browsers that are used to access Class Web. 
This will generally cause your browsers to check for new versions of our 
menus and help pages. Alternately, use your web browser's "Refresh" button 
on all ClassWeb menus and help pages to load the latest version.

The new main menu includes the phrase "Now with LC Names" above the list of 
menu items. See:


This is the color scheme of the new menu system and can be used to 
distinguish the new from the old version.

2) Most existing bookmarks will work except for those to the bibliographic 
correlations. This system has been completely rewritten and any old 
bookmarks to correlations will not work.

3) For those of you who had been using the test version of the new system at:

This URL will remain active and will redirect users to classificationweb.net 
for the next month or so. Please update your bookmarks in the meantime.

4) The search screens have been greatly simplified and all of the "Browse" 
buttons to the right of each input field have been removed. In addition to 
using the "Search" button, you can now run a search by pressing the ENTER 
key on your keyboard. With the exception of any keyword access points, if 
you input qualifiers into only one input field and press ENTER (or click 
Search), you will be running an index browse (the same as using the Browse 
buttons in the old system). If you use any of the keyword access points or 
input qualifiers into more than one field, the system will run a real query.

Unlike in the old system, you don't want to leave old search terms in 
different input fields as these will now influence your search results. Use 
the Reset button at the top of any search page to clear your searching criteria.

Keyword phrase and proximity searching is supported. Use the Help button on 
any search screen for more information.

5) By default, the subject heading browser and search screens now require 
that you input double dashes (--) between subdivisions to locate the 
appropriate record. If you are unsure of how a heading is subdivided, click 
on the search option labeled "Search for subject headings without requiring 
double dashes between subdivisions" before running your search. More 
information is available on the subject heading help page.

6) For customers who do not have static IP addresses, you can now 
automatically log into your account without having to use a password. See:


7) Any computers that were configured for auto-login by registration (as 
opposed to by IP address) in the new system will need to re-register those 
computers using the new URL. However, the account preferences which enables 
auto-login by registration does not have to be re-configured -- all account 
preferences carry over from one system to the other.

8) The help system has been completely rewritten and should answer most of 
your questions:


If you need further assistance, there is the user group at:

	classweb-users at classificationweb.net

as well as support from CDS at:

	support at classificationweb.net


Geoff Mottram
ClassWeb Developer

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