[Classweb-users] UA13.5 cancelled?

Weiss, Paul pwei at loc.gov
Wed Jan 19 08:26:01 EST 2011

UA13.5 has been cancelled and will be deleted with tomorrow's update to Class Web.  The see reference to UB149 will be retained.  Thanks for reporting the discrepancy.

Paul Weiss
Library of Congress
Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate
Policy and Standards Division

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	The display in Class Web at UA13.5 is a bit confusing. The display is the following:
UA13.5	Private military companies   [H R B L D S]
(UA13.5) Private military companies   [H R B L D S]
see UB149

If UA13.5 has been cancelled, shouldn't it simply display as:
(UA13.5) Private military companies   [H R B L D S]
  see UB149

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