[Classweb-users] "Minor collections"

Casey A Mullin cmullin at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 20 16:29:30 EST 2011

Hello, CW,

A few colleagues and I are puzzled at the ambiguity of this caption. 
This caption appears in the schedules about 2 dozen or so times, 
predominantly in the D and P areas. It almost always appears below a 
"Sources and documents" number. My question is: what constitutes 
"minor"? Single-volume collections as opposed to multi-volume sets? Or, 
does it mean minor in scope, or even minor in significance to the topic 
(which is a value judgment I as a cataloger I would be loath to make)? 
In one case (PN6112), the number immediately above has the caption 
"Comprehensive collections"; the meaning is clear in this context, but 
this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

I would appreciate any insight anyone might have.

Thank you,

Casey A. Mullin
Discovery Metadata Librarian
Metadata Development Unit
Stanford University Libraries
cmullin at stanford.edu


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-Martha Yee

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