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Lana Soglasnova svetlana.soglasnova at utoronto.ca
Tue Jul 12 12:58:41 EDT 2011

I am cataloging a book about a monastery in the Ukraine, established in 1991, which belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyivan Patriarchate.
The LC authority record for Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kyivan Patriarchate No 010 __ |a n 97016305 |z n 97016285 uses the authorized form " Ukraïns'ka pravoslavna t︠s︡erkva (Kyïvs'kyĭ patriarkhat)", and according to 670 note in it, it is distinct from two other Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, including Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate.

However, the only number provided in for Ukrainian Orthodox Church in LC Class Web is  BX729.5. for Ukraininan Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate). Ukraïnsʹka pravoslavna ts͡erkva (Moskovsʹkyĭ patriarkhat)<JavaScript:top.GoTo('table',%20'&prefix=BX3&key=_00BX729_2E5_00_00&phier=Christian_20denominations_7COrthodox_20Eastern_20Church_7CAutocephalous_20and_20autonomous_20Churches_7CUkraininan_20Orthodox_20Church_20_28Moscow_20Patriarchate_29_2E_20Ukra_C3_AFns_CA_B9ka_20pravoslavna_20ts_CD_A1erkva_20_28Moskovs_CA_B9ky_C4_AD_20patriarkhat_29&pstun=&pkey=_00BX729_2E5_00_002_00_00_00_00_001597409040_003_00&prule=0&poff=0&pprefix=&pa=BX729_2E5&pb=&pc=',%20null)>. Are catalogers supposed to use BX729.5 for all three Ukrainian Orthodox Churches? Moreover, there is no provision for "monasteries" in that class, only for " Special churches. By place, A-Z, or by name if nonurban" BX729.5.Z7A-.Z7Z.  (This is in contrast to the very precise class BX583.A-Z for Russian Orthodox Church monasteries, for example).

Are there any plans for expanding or revising the BX729.5 class?

Many thanks,
lana s

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