[Classweb-users] Libya cities and towns Cutter list

Grabach, Kenneth A. Mr. grabacka at muohio.edu
Mon Jun 13 08:56:50 EDT 2011

In the list of Libyan cities and towns, at G8264, there seems to be a double listing:

G8264.M5 – Misratah

G8264.M678 – Misurata

I believe these are alternate spellings (or transliterations from the Arabic) for the same city on Libya’s coast.  The authority record for the city uses Miṣrātah (Libya) as the 151 field, and Misurata in a 451 field.

Which should be the preferred number for use with maps in call numbers and 052 fields?

A map, the one I am cataloging, an Army Map Service 1943 map of Misurata (spelling on the map) record replaced in 2010, uses the second number for the call number and 052.

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