[Classweb-users] ClassWeb new interface thoughts

Bryan Baldus bryan.baldus at quality-books.com
Tue Mar 1 15:10:14 EST 2011

I'm still getting used to the new interface. One of the things I miss about the old interface is the ability in the classification browser to easily click H to highlight a row. Now this appears to require an extra click--dropping down the menu, then selecting the desired option (the same goes for accessing any of the options--an extra click is involved).

In the correlations, it used to be possible (I thought) to click on similar options to get the reverse correlation, or to get the correlation to LCSH/LCC/Dewey from the results. Now this appears to require doing a separate search (for example: for RK58, I thought it was possible to click a link at 617.60068 to correlate that Dewey with its LCSH or to reverse the correlation with LCC.

Thank you for your time,

Bryan Baldus
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